Nottingham Road

When: December 2021

Accommodation: Private Farm

Highlight: Breakfast at Flamme Rouge

What's the story?

A short stay with family over the Christmas weekend.

Getting there

A relatively quick trip from Ballito on the N2 and N3 - roughly 3 hours. Quite  a bit on construction on the freeways at the moment which may cause some delays but this trip is going to be a dream once they are done.


We are fortunate to have family who live on a farm in Notties so always have an amazing place to stay. The downside of this is that our opinion on dog friendly accommodation in the area is a bit weak so we'll need to get a few more people to contribute. Nottingham Road Tourism recently did a post about dog friendly accommodation options - have a look at the link below and get in touch with them should you have any questions or need any advice.

Things to do

There is loads to do in the KZN Midlands and Notties is such an easy springboard to start from. Although we spent most of the trip with the family on the farm, we had an excellent breakfast at Flamme Rouge - the venue is very dog-friendly as there is a large field for the pooch to run around and there are water bowls available. The waiter even came out especially to give our pooch a doggie biscuit for free.


We will be going back to Notties soon and will have to try some other accommodation options and venues. Safe to say this is a very popular destination and being in the countryside there is oodles of space to accommodate your pooch.


Nottingham Road Tourism - Facebook pageNottingham Road Tourism - Dog-friendly post

Why we loved it

Beautiful countryside
Lots of space and fields
Slow country pace
Locals mostly dog lovers
Lots of accommodation and eating options