Skyline Coffee

When: March 2022

Came From: Ballito

Highlight: Flat white

What's the story?

We'd heard from a few people how we have to visit Skyline and how trendy it is. On a particularly hot and windy Saturday afternoon we picked up the dog lead and took our furry one for a quick outing to go check it out. We had to wait to get a seat and even then the tables were very close to each other so having out pooch there wasn't the most convenient for every one! We had a coffee and left but with a feeling as though we hadn't quite done it justice. Being early risers and knowing they open at 06:30 (Mon - Sat) we tried again a few weekends later but this time at 06:45. We were mostly the only ones there so our pooch had some freedom to roam around a bit. There were dog bowls and the staff were incredibly friendly and welcoming.

Getting there

This is in the Sage centre which can't be more than 100m from the N2 freeway after taking the Salt Rock offramp. There is ample secure and off street parking which takes some stress away when trying to get an over-energetic Springer Spaniel out of the car.

Things to do

We haven't yet had a proper meal there but can highly recommend the chocolate croissants and Flat White coffee. There is a large menu of most drinks you could want and next time we go I am definitely going to try one of their smoothies.

The Sage Centre itself hosts many trendy boutique clothing and lifestyle shops which are worth having a look through. They don't appear to be pet friendly but if there are two humans you can split up and one can take the dog for a walk while the other window shops.


It can get busy but is a viable stop if looking for a quick coffee and bite to eat. The staff are very welcoming of pets but the actual venue can be a bit awkward due to it being quite cramped.


Skyline CoffeeSage Centre

Why we loved it

Great coffee and pastries
Easy parking
Very friendly staff