Granny's Pool

When: February 2022

Came From: Ballito

Highlight: Family first environment

What's the story?

Granny's Pool is a lesser known beach within the greater Ballito area but has grown in popularity. This is largely due to the small and shallow tidal pool near the parking area which is fantastic for young families to spend a few hours in. Having your dogs roam off-leash is a generally accepted activity - when scanning the span of the beach you're likely to spot many canine games going on.

Getting there

The beach is located on the northern side of Ballito  in Salt Rock. Effectiely between the very popular Salt Rock main beach and Tiffanys. There is ample off street parking with some grass verges available. If it's particularly busy you can always park at the Salt Rock Centre which is a 2 minute walk from the beach parking.

Things to do

The main attraction is obviously the beach but before you even get there you have Bench Coffee waiting to invite you for a pre-beach flat-white. It's so close to the beach so it's also viable to get your towels set up etc. and then pop back to get the coffee orders. They provide a water bowl for your dog as well!

As you approach the beach there is the famous tidal pool just to the right. This is great for small families and there are many toddlers digging in the sand or wading through the shallow water. It's still very dog-friendly but expect a sour look or two if your dog get too rowdy or too close to a young human.

If the tidal pool is very busy you can easily veer to the left (North) where dogs with the zoomies is accepted. There are often big groups of dogs all running up and down the beach and having a great time.

If you are after some excellent food - Pangeli's is highly recommended (see link below) and just a short walk away at the Salt Rock Centre.


A trip to Granny's Pool with your dog and family in tow is highly recommended and with the many dogs that go there it's still a great option even if the beach weather isn't too great.


Bench CoffeePangeli

Why we loved it

Dogs welcomed and most very friendly
Bench Coffee shop in the parking lot
Convenient showers/toilets
Tidal pool for relaxed swimming
Good waves for surfing