Concha Bakery and Cafe

When: March 2022

Came From: Ballito

Highlight: Staff, Coffee, Croissants

What's the story?

Being situated in the "old town Ballito" it's great to see a business seemingly thriving here. There's an energetic rejuvination of this area and Concha Bakery and Cafe seems to be the trendy front-runner.

Getting there

From the N2 freeway you need to meander down the hill towards the beach where the Spur used to be.

Things to do

Concha has tables sprawling out into the closed off parking lot which provides ample seating space to get comfortable. They have added roofing and have many umbrellas for shade - being outdoors there is often a welcoming breeze coming off the sea. 
There is a nearby large grass area which is a good option to take your dog for a quick "burn" before they settle down next to the table. We tend to get a table, order the first coffee and then take our pooch for a little adventure to get rid of some energy. The coffee is great and the flat-white is highly recommended. We have tried the croissants and also cannot recommend these enough - we find it difficult to stray away from a chocolate croissant but with these sold out we attempted the custard flavour...a new favourite! The light meals are delicious and if you're feeling like a treat then have a look at the gourmet milkshakes which can be a meal on their own!

HUNT Properties have been hosting a 5km run at 05:30 every Friday morning for many years now. This is a fantastic way to start your Friday and weekend and there is a rare mix of racing snakes, mid-packers, casual joggers and walkers - you'll fit right in no matter your level. There are often pooches joining in as well as a few prams. The HUNT team are very involved and are always present at the run to keep the great energy going long after the run. They've nicely tied the run in to donating to charity (OceanCleanup) for each runner present and...wait for it...a free coffee for each runner or walker who participates!


An excellent option for a relaxed coffee or meal that is very welcoming of pets. The seating area is in a parking area which is the only thing keeping the pooch from enjoying a 5 star coffe stop with their human.


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Why we loved it

Very friendly and attentive staff
Relaxed atmosphere
Great coffee and food
Dog water bowls everywhere
Close to the sea for a walk after
Easy parking
Spar around the corner