Chelsea Bun

Adventurer on land or sea who has her human dad wrapped around her little paw


English Springer Spaniel


Bun Bun


Originally: Eston, KZN
Currently: Notties, KZN

Enjoys water?

Loves it! Ocean, dams pools or warm baths

Year Born


Favourite Human Food

Anything to be honest! She loves chicken viennas and has more recently acquired a taste for Christmas mince pies.

Favourite Things

Her dad, her Chocolate Lab brother (Biscuit), chasing rabbits in the vlei, barking at pigeons, chewing rocks, meal (or snack) time, digging (see photo below).

Biggest Fear

Being away from her dad and missing a meal

Enjoys driving?

Loves driving in the bakkie - cab or in the back as long as her head can be outside

Sleeps on the bed?

When her mom's not around for sure